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A New Family Member: Bertie

I think that I've mentioned that there are lots of stray cats in Saudi Arabia. Sometime it's hard to tell if they are just abandoned pets or were born wild. Occasionally, you'll find a cat lover who puts a collar on strays so they don't, um, "disappear." One of the guys at post took in a pregnant cat that was roaming around the Consulate and then set about finding homes for her litter. We liked this one. Meet Bertie. He's an Arabian Mau.
Ok, so technically, his name is بُرْتُقال which is Arabic for 'orange' and pronounced [burtuqāl], or "Bertie" for short.  That fits in well with our "all cats named after food" theme, and also appropriate since he's a marmalade.
But compared to our other cat, Schnapps, Bertie's tiny. For now. When I went out to the store to find some kitten food, I found one brand that I found had a spokes-cat with an expression like "What? No, you eat that first" with a dubious warning label on it.
"Food Not Fit For Human Consumption"
And of course, our girls are very happy to have a kitten to take care of. Of course, now we also have to plan on taking him with us to our next assignment (which is still TBD).
This post was edited by Bertie.
You said there would be a mouse!
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