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Return to Moon Mountain

Saudi Arabia is more than just a big sandbox. Before I arrived here, it never occurred to me to question the stereotype because all I ever saw in media was sand, sand, and more sand. One of the more unusual geological places we've been here is a place dubbed "Moon Mountain." About a year ago, we made our first visit to Moon Mountain. This time the kids were a little older, so I took our older one to the top and the younger one made it about halfway.
Now, this was the first time I went all the way to the top. Last year, I stayed with the kids while Kacey went to the top. This year, we switched...sort of.
Not a whole lot of photos in this area because of the slope.
Going up, we had to squeeze through a pass. Here's what it looked like coming down.
 And this is what she was looking at:

Literally one foot (size 13) wide.


One last vista.
The ride home was uneventful...though we went through all of the water that we brought with us. It's hot here! This might have been the last time we go to Moon Mountain, but you can find it here: 22.0530661 N,  39.4702803 E.

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