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Partnach Gorge

The Partnach Gorge is a 702 meter long chasm worn away by a mountain stream (the Partnach) in the Reintal valley near the south German town of Garmisch-Partenkirchen. In some places, the gorge is over 80 metres deep. So it's cold, dark, wet, and windy...what better place to take little kids on a fun family outing? Seriously though, it was a good time for most. I'll let you see if you can figure out which kid didn't want to venture into the darkness.

Simply Spectacular views in the Partnach Gorge.
We parked at the Olympic Ski Jump Stadium and walked along the road about 30 minutes up to the trail head. Along the way, we passed a restaurant that we decided to eat at after the hike. This turned out to be good motivation for our little ones once they ate all the snacks we brought with us.
RRR is excited to enter the Partnach Gorge...
...however, the Pink Lady is not excited to go into that dark hole in the ground.
I hope you're not claustrophobic, because very early into the hike, the walls go up, up, up and you quickly feel like you aren't going to climb your way out of this one.


In places, you actually are walking in complete darkness, through tunnels that are just a little too low for people as tall as me.Watch your head...those rocks can hurt.

We were a little concerned that the only thing separating our kids from the rushing water below were a few cables above slippery rocks, but the girls have a pretty good sense for keeping themselves out of harm's way.
It's hard to get a true perspective of how deep the gorge is because our cameras couldn't take it all in, but check out how small the trail looks with people on it.


There was ice on some of the walls, but we were early enough in the season that the whole place hadn't frozen over...yet. I hear that the gorge is still open to hikers then, which would be quite an interesting experience.
Partnach Gorgeous
The view when you emerge from the gorge.
There's more trail beyond the end of the gorge, but most folks seem content enough with just taking in this view, then turning back to return through the gorge. Tip: if you go early enough, you're more likely to get beck to the beginning before the crowds start showing up. This is a particularly smart thing to do because the trail isn't all that wide, so you end up pressing into the rocks as people pass by.

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