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R & R in Paris

What little girl doesn't want to go to Paris? There are only so many Madeline books you can read before they say "Je veux aller à Paris." Our flight back from R&R in the U.S. connected in Paris, so we took a few days of leave en route to break up the trip into something a little more manageable.

Looking at the map at a street cafe.
Our Lady of the Excited Cheer


Then there was all the stuff for kids to do at Luxembourg Garden.
Sailing toy boats in a fountain? C'est bon!

You use those sticks to push them out...
...and hope they avoid the pirate ship. Arrrrr.
Riding ponies around the garden.
Literally going for the brass ring on the carousel.
Sorry kid, you wanted the inside horse.
The thrill of victory!


We closed out the day with a boat cruise along the Seine.
Mama and baby Eiffel.
Mississippi River boat, I think you're lost.

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