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Year in Review: 2014

So, to say that 2014 was rather busy might be understating it a bit. Here are the highlights in case you missed them. You could also consider this the digital version of our Christmas letter if we didn't have your address. Oh, and our address has changed yet again...so friends, let us know if you want our new one.
We're never going to be one of those perfect family photo families.
Key Moments of 2014:
  • Went to a Maple Leafs v. Washington Capitals hockey game
  • Successfully treated our cat for hyperthyroidism, then picked him up in Asheville, NC
  • Took a family trip to Boston for Greg to attend his fraternity's annual reunion
  • Went to Douthout State Park with Kacey's brother's in-laws.
  • Spent Easter in Pensacola with family
  • Kacey and Greg got to drive fast, commandeer vehicles, shoot guns, use tourniquets, and generally hone their responses when thing go sideways at the "Crash Bang" class.
  • We took a day trip to the DuPont's Winterthur estate to see a Downton Abbey exhibit.
  • All sorts of Halloween & Thanksgivings Day activity.
Anna, Elsa, and Olaf...Sven took the picture.
  • Kacey became a Georgetown-certified instructor of English as a Foreign Language
  • We executed perhaps the most complicated move I've ever done...the only thing that could make it more complicated would have been shipping a car. I mean, really, it's an international move (with stuff going by air, by sea, and to storage) with two small children and two pets punctuated by the Christmas holiday season. Read the full story here.
Other Trips:
  • Finally added photos to the posts from Greg's Great American Road Trip (2002)
  • Uploaded Kacey's journal from her SEA Semester experience (1996), we hope to upload the photos in the next couple of months.

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