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We're still hiring Foreign Service Construction Engineers!

If you are interested in international travel, building things, and solid benefits from one of the best departments to work for in the Federal Government, then I have good news for you: The US Department of State is now hiring Foreign Service Construction Engineers to work in the Bureau of Overseas Buildings Operations! Trust me, it's a pretty awesome job. Check out the video below, my projects start showing up at the 4:10 mark.

The current FSCE vacancy announcement window closes on Dec 29, 2014. This advertisement is particularly relevant for any of my Air Force Civil Engineer friends who were recently affected by the 2014 RIF (Reduction In Force) or are concerned about a RIF in 2015 or beyond. Bonus? You can get credit for all of your military/federal service time to get more leave right off the bat and also buy back the years towards retirement at a reasonable rate to retire by age 50 with 20 years of service (if you choose to leave that soon). If you want to learn more about Entering the Foreign Service you can read about my experience here (including a hiring timeline).
And you get to wear one of these!

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