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Officially Listed as a Foreign Service Blog

All it took was a couple of emails and some (subjectively) awesome content, but The Passport Stamp Collector is officially listed on the American Foreign Service Association's Foreign Service Blogs page. You have to scroll down a bit to the "Both Spouses" category, but we're on there!
While I'm at it, I'll recommend checking out our About Us page and some curated posts listed under the "Summary" label. 

So my next challenge is how to get more traffic to my site. I'm still in the early stages of what might be called "marketing and branding." It's surprisingly hard to come up with clever, coherent, and memorable social media accounts...but I've settled on these two: Instagram's @WorldTravelRRR and the #TravelRRR hashtag.

Other than that, I've started reading through digital marketing blogs like Nomvo.com to learn about other aspects of digital presence.

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