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Cherry Blossoms in DC

It's that time of year again, when hordes of locals and tourists descend upon the tidal basin and Jefferson Memorial to look at white and pink blossoms on the cherry trees. As opposed to spring break, or summer, or protests, or...

Fun fact: when it's windy, all bets are off as to whether you will see more blossoms on the trees, in the air, on the ground, or in the tidal basin. Also, if you're lucky enough to be able to go during the week, take advantage of it. The weekends are super-crowded.

The rest of the family went into DC from home during the middle of the day, but I met up with them after work by taking the metro to the Smithsonian station. Trust me, the traffic/parking situation around that area is reason enough to use the metro. Here are some of the better pics I took of our girls enjoying the day.

There are lots of uncrowded areas too.
Next to the paddle-boat rental dock
This area is kinda dusty, that's why they are in khaki.
No, the monument is not leaning.
For more information about the peak bloom time, parade schedules, etc, go to: www.NationalCherryBlossomFestival.org

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