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Every so often, I check to the viewing stats for this blog. I get the biggest spikes when the Foreign Service Oral Assessments are announced as well as when invitations to the FSS orientation classes start going out. But after that, I have to say that having the next largest followings in Russia and China is a bit, um, disconcerting?

But to be fair, I suppose I should at least acknowledge the intelligence officers and/or hackers who are probably disappointed after stumbling on this site looking for something interesting. So:  

Вот, возьмите! Добро пожаловать! Что нового?  Извините, У меня плохо с русским. Пожалуйста, не повредить моем сайте. Я не возиться с вашим материалом, пожалуйста, не связывайтесь с моим. Договорились?



That said, I've been to both countries and really enjoyed them. I've studied a little of each language, and can just barely remember the polite phrases to use with all the Chinese tourists and Russian seasonal workers that I seem to be running into on a more frequent basis. Or are you guys following me?

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