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Bike to Work

So, May was "Bike-to-Work Month" and May 17th was "Bike-to-Work Day," but I missed out because I was on my way back from Istanbul. But in the spirit of participation, I just barely got my first bike commute in on the last day of May. It only took a little last-minute preparation to bring it all together, but if I had applied a little forethought, then I would have pre-positioned my work clothes at the office instead of bringing them in on my back.

I wore my MS 150 team jersey, a fluorescent green number with black tiger stripes on the ribcage (with hot-pink edges) and a big old day-glow pink flamingo on the chest and back. I call it my "What do you mean, 'you didn't see me?'" jersey. Anyways, my morning ride was quite pleasant, taking less than an hour from door-to-door with clear weather in the low 70's. For the return leg, Kacey met me near the trail head, and we went about 6 miles to where she'd parked. Which worked out well, as the rear hub of my bike started to wobble about 3 miles into the return leg. As it turns out, that particular style of hub was too challenging for the local bike shop to fix and they ended up swapping out the entire wheel. Haven't taken it for a ride yet, but hopefully next week everything will work as expected.

I also found out that the State Department also has a link to several videos where US diplomats promote National Bike Month around world. I found the one filmed on the cobblestone streets in Paris to be quite amusing. And who knows, maybe on my next assignment, I can make a contribution as well.

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