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I'm not that thirsty

On my way out of Brussels, I saw this vending machine:

I'm not sure who thought it would be a good marketing strategy to show a little boy peeing onto/into your beverage container, but that's really not working...on so many levels.

As for my short trip to Brussels, I managed to experience Galler Chocolates, Leffe and Chimay beers, Orange Fanta (with sugar, not corn syrup), lots of wine, a couple of dinners lasting over 2.5 hours, two creme brulees, a flan, and even managed to pick up four new pairs of pants. Overall, a pretty sweet haul.

My flight home consisted mostly of editing and tagging my pre-scanned photos from my A99 travel albums to China (including Hong Kong and Macau), Thailand, Malaysia, and Indonesia. For 6 hours. I think I processed some 400+ pictures, and I still have to go in and add captions. But it will be worth it once it's all up.

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