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One week to go!

It's Labor Day, and in less than seven days, I will be reporting in for the first day of work at my new career with the US Department of State. That still sounds a little surreal to say out loud.
I've already received several tips, like:

1) Wear comfortable shoes. Since my last job involved wearing combat boots, I had to go out and get some more formal footwear. Even though Florida is always in sandal season, I've been wearing the new dress shoes while doing chores around the house...with shorts and a T-shirt. Be on the lookout for this look on the runway in Paris next year.

2) Bring a bag lunch. Having come from a veritable food desert, I'd already been planning on doing this until I get more familiar with the local oases. The plural of oasis looks weird, doesn't it?

3) Get excited. Oh, I am...but normally, I try to visualize what's about to happen and right now I just don't have a good frame of reference. And there are still a number of known unknowns out there which make any visualization hypothetical at best.

But first things first: right now, I am still trying to get my travel orders. And it's a federal holiday, so that ain't happening today. We can't get the movers to pack us up until we have the orders...but we took a risk early on and scheduled them for October, which is after my orientation ends and I have a better sense of what we really should pack up. It's risky because it makes things more complicated logistically. It's definitely not the recommended way to do things, but should work best for us.

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