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The Promotion Board Field Message (7 of 11)

Knowing how your personnel system functions and how the information is transmitted can provide an interesting heads-up on what's about to happen.

If you've been reading this blog up until now, you're aware that I'm currently facing an "Up or Out" promotion to the rank of major. Information has been slowly trickling in, and the promotion board release updates so far have been:

"Mid to Late March" as of 24 Feb 12
“Late March/Early April” as of 6 Mar 12

On March 7th, I found the administrative release instructions for my promotion board posted on a Field Messages website that distributes all the personnel admin paperwork across the Air Force. I feel like I should point out that the admin release was published on March 5th, but didn't give the date when the actual results would be published. So, even though I couldn't access the actual system that those details are contained on, I was able to find the demographic overview of the people who got promoted...

The bad news: I was able to determine that there were 39 people matching my demographic data, and that only 2 of them were selected for promotion. It's also worth noting that in the more generic "Mission Support" category which includes my career field, only 5 of 124 people were selected. So that's a 5% chance of staying in, or 95% chance of being involuntarily separated.

Today, the same admin trail produced the information that "The official release date of subject board is 27 March 2012, 1400Z (0900 CDST)" and “officers who are nonselected for promotion the second time will be discharged or retired no later than the first day of the seventh month following approval of the board results. Since the President has delegated signature to PDUSD {P&R}, the mandatory date of separation (DOS) will be 30 September 2012 for captains and majors twice nonselected for promotion who do not accept continuation or are not offered continuation."

So here we are again: I’m trying to maintain altitude, but one engine’s out and I’m watching the other one sputter. One week to go before I learn whether I "live in fame" or "go down in flames." Hey, nothing can stop the US Air Force.

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