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My Air Force Experience: A Future Decided Behind Closed Doors (6 of 11)

Well, today’s the day that people I’ve probably never met will determine if the people who wrote my officer performance reports (OPRs) were convincing enough to get me selected for promotion. It’s true that “You don’t meet the board, your records do.” And since I didn’t write my own OPRs (those with military experience probably just smirked a little bit), you could say that the board’s decision is an indirect evaluation at best.

Since this is my “second-look”, it’s historically unlikely that I will get promoted. While I won’t find out the results for a couple of months, one thing is certain: my career field wasn’t listed among those identified as critical enough for the board to select me for continuation if I’m not promoted. So I’ll probably be separating from the military in the summer, regardless of whether I want to or not.

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