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Legoland Denmark

Our first real trip with a baby was to Legoland in Billund, Denmark. Well, the visit to Legoland was for me...everyone else was on the trip was there to visit the church where some of their ancestors were married. We all have our own priorities, right?

Legoland is lots of fun, but not so much for a little baby. If you're a blond child, you will probably look like half of the visitors in the park.

Lifelike Lego dioramas
Lego dog actually pees

Lego Castle: Level Expert

Lego crocodile
Lego Buffalo "Carving"
The details at Legoland go down to the last minifig.

RRR with a larger than life Lego Viking
Sitting Bull Statue made from Lego
What you can make when you have thousands
of Lego bricks just 'lion' around
Highly detailed Legoland bikeshop
While Billund isn't really on the way to anything else in Denmark for the average tourist, it's definitely worth a day trip to visit the home of one of the greatest toys on Earth and the open air gallery/museum/showcase displaying all manner of things that Lego can build. TOP:





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