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Tour de France Finish in Paris

Of all the legendary races in all the legendary cities, the Tour de France finish in Paris has to rank near the top. And since the course is actually several laps, you get to see the cyclists race by several times. We found a spot in the crowd a little ways 'up-river' from the finish line, and it just so happened that we were surrounded by Americans on vacation.

RRR catches a glimpse of the leaders as they fly by
However, since I had my dog with me, they all assumed I was a local and didn't pay me much mind until they asked a question about the race that no one in their party knew the answer to...but I did. So I spoke up, and we chatted when the bikes weren't flying by.
Our dog came all the way to Paris but can't see the race.
If you're going to do this right, get in to the Champs Elysee fairly early to catch several laps. Expect to walk quite a bit to the nearest Metro station that isn't congested. And bring some water (for you and the dog).

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