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Santorini & Mikonos

Our first Greek island stop was Santorini.

We rode the gondola up to the top, walked around, then walked down the stairs...dodging donkeys.

Panorama of Santorini
Taking the ferry boat from the cruise ship to shore

See that zig-zag path up on the left?

View of zig-zag path from the gondola

RRR admires the view from atop Santorini

Back alleys of Santorini

RRR gets advice from the locals

Donkeys leave a trail that you don't want to step in,
if you catch my meaning.

Our second stop of the day was Mikonos. Saw the windmills, lots of cats, even a self-important pelican.

Iconic white buildings of Mikonos (Mykonos)

The harbour

Narrow, winding streets leading to new discoveries

Cats roam around like they own the place...

...but get annoyed if you take pictures of them.

Mikonos is nothing short of fantastic

The famous Pelican of Mykonos

Our tour guide is a true local.

Count the cats

Sunset on the shore

The Windmills of Mikonos

The sun sets on the windmills of Mykonos.
While I'm not sure I could ever live here on a long term basis, Mikonos ranks in my top five places in the world for great memories.

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