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The weekend getaway to Budapest was a blast.

We walked around the downtown on the 9th.

Took a dip in the Szechenyi Thermal Baths on the 10th. I decided to go outside my comfort zone and wear a swimsuit about the size of the one Daniel Craig wore in Casino Royale. And it's a good thing I did, as I think I rocked them and because all the locals were dressed the same. Interestingly, you could spot the Americans immediately because they were wearing enormous boardshorts that caused more people to stare at them for appearing to be too prudish.

On the 11th, we tried to tour the Parliament building, but were the first people in line to not make it in for the day's quota. So we crossed the bridge and it began to snow as we walked around the bank overlooking the city. Very pretty.

The worst thing that happened this trip was a case of food poisoning. We were walking along in the cold, and I saw a little restaurant with some kielbasa on the outside grill that looked really good. I should have realized that something was amiss (but I was rather hungry and not thinking clearly) when the cashier took my sausage off the grill and popped it into the microwave. Ever heard the expression "Keep your hot food hot and your cold food cold" in regards to making sure you don't eat something that's gone bad? Well, I didn't heed this warning, and I ended up have a week long case of the worst food related sickness I've ever had and lost several pounds in the process. I won't be repeating that mistake. TOP:





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