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Pamplona & Castillo

We flew into Biarritz, France yesterday and picked up the smallest rental car we'd ever seen to take us to Pamplona. But it got great gas mileage and that's what we needed it for. We drove down to our bed & breakfast in Castillo, Spain. Seriously, this town looks like it's straight out of Don Quixote. Cobblestone alleys winding past old wooden doors and stucco walls.
Today, we explored Pamplona and the San Fermin festival. You might know it as "the running of the bulls." We were prepared with our all-white outfits and purchased some red scarves to complete the ensemble. We thought about trying to push our luck with pale khakis, but we would have looked ridiculous next to everyone else in white. You might notice some folks wearing green scarves, we think that it's because they're Basque. We rolled into town rather late, so we didn't see the bulls today, but we did stay up all night in a prime location over the shrine to San Fermin, which is the starting line for the correadors...those running with the bulls.
This is the starting line for the Running of the Bulls.
We had a great view from our spot just above this photo.


FYI: it's really hard to keep all white outfits clean while napping on the public sidewalk. Here are some more pictures from the festival (the actual running of the bulls is has it's own post).
That bull's got some major cajones to pose like that.

Kacey and the riding of the bulls
Even the window displays get into the spirit of the festival
This must be where the blue bull lives.
RRR enjoys the parade

RRR and Ernest Hemingway
The sun also rises on Pamplona


Back to Castillo

You have to drive through this to get to the hotel.
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