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Wittlich Pigfest

Can you think of anything more fun than BBQ and beer? The Wittlich Pigfest (officially "Säubrennerkirmes" or "Pig Burning") commemorates the ill-fated day back in the middle ages when a pig destroyed the town.
 How? Well, back then, they closed the city gates each evening because they were afraid of invaders. One evening, the guard didn't find the bolt to close the door so he used a carrot instead of the bolt - and the door was closed.
These little piggies went wee wee wee all the way home
However, in the middle of the night, a pig strolled by and saw the carrot and ate it. What happened? Ganau, of course, the door opened and the enemy entered the town. The angry townspeople decided to punish the pigs...so they made a huge fire and herded all the pigs into the marketplace and cooked them!


The firemen used the ladder for this...


RRR has his token to get some schwein.
Looks gruesome, but tastes delicious
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