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Tour De France, 2007

If it's April in Europe, we're following le Tour. Because of my work schedule, the most opportune time to see it this year is for a stage near the Franco-Swiss border.

This is the first stage we actually saw the race in person, and we just barely made it past one of the traffic blockades before the Gendarme closed off the road. But we weren't so lucky on the next intersection and basically had to walk a mile or so until we felt like "we've walked far enough."

For about an hour before the peleton reached us, there were various official tour cars, media cars, and the entertaining sponsor vehicles throwing out candies and other goodies. Free swag!

Probably the biggest take-away from today was that "the bikes go really fast." Since we were on a flat straightaway, the riders flew by. I don't know that any of our pictures show more than a blur. And then it's past. So, we drove for I don't know how many hours to watch how many seconds of the tour?  There's gotta be a better way to do this...the mountain stage (link).





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