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Playing against the Black Widow

Thanks to a slow work day, a well-timed phone call and the right answer to a radio trivia program, I get to play a game of 9-ball against Jeanette Lee, also known as "The Black Widow." I admit that my game's not that good, but I'm hoping that all the imperfections on our club's table throw her off her game enough for me to have a fighting chance.

Her warm-up consists of trick shots.
Waiting to break

Did I mention I was playing in front of 300+ people?
She's telling me "Don't screw this up"
Yeah...I scratched on that last shot.
Clearing the table during her next match.
So, I lost by two. Which was a smaller margin than anyone else who played her. Even though she was probably just using our game to get a feel for the table, I consider that a win for me. While she might look serious during the game, she's actually very friendly and personable.

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