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Snowboarding in South Korea

Before I arrived here, I never would have thought of Korea as having much in the way of snowboarding. However, when you consider that it gets a good amount of snow and has such steep terrain, it makes much more sense. I think my favorite place was Yongpyong for its Rainbow Paradise route, but there are other South Korean ski resorts that are pretty good, too.
RRR surveys the bunny slope on his way to Rainbow Paradise.
This is the Rainbow Paradise route at Yongpyong
While I let the base's MWR office do all the scheduling, I probably went to a different place each month. Obviously, taking pictures while snowboarding can be difficult...
and rather than put my camera at risk while in motion, I only got a couple of shots at capturing the vibe of the place. A group of us came up for a long weekend and we going from morning until night, even though we could have participated in the night skiing if we weren't exhausted.
You get good at dodging people sitting on the crowded slopes.

Coming through!

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