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Desert Safari in Qatar

A very good day! First, PT on our own, so I laid down for another hour...I gave my pillow a workout. Instead of going to work, Sol, Aaron and I went on a desert safari. We met up with a guy in the outermost parking lot, got in his (his name is Raheev) Land Cruiser, and were on our way. About 10 minutes outside of the base, I got a call from the tour company that the guide was waiting for us...Then who are we riding with?
We're riding with the guide. Phew. Along the way, we saw some free-range camels snacking out of a dumpster.
We spent about an hour driving over and down the dunes, across bedrock and flood beds, and found ourselves at a BBQ lunch on the Inland Sea, facing the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

The ride's soundtrack was some groovy Arabic music (on tape), and the drive was like a roller coaster. I've got a video somewhere that I'll try to remember to post later.
The BBQ had chicken, maybe goat, and "Piss" satay. Say what? It was yellowish, and when the cook saw me look at it, he said "Piss! It's piss!" Okay... "We catch pish today." Oh! fish!
Ate lunch under a tent with carpet floor and cushions, while watching the waves moving around.
Then we drove over to a big dune to go sandboarding. Like snowboarding, but on the sand. My first attempt (being the risk-taker, I went first), was on a slope too shallow to move anywhere. Attempt #2 found me dropping fast and wiping out at the bottom of the dune. Sol and Aaron tried it too. After 3-4 runs, we were worn out...climbing the dune was a great workout but the wind kicked up so much sand that I was finding it everywhere.

On the ride back, our guide got fed up with a Moroccan tape, rolled down his window and pitched it out! The sun was just setting as we got home from our desert safari.
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