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Groundhog's Day

Well, it happened today. I couldn't remember what day it was. I can't recall anything that happened before lunch, but I think I was busy. I think we're almost at the point that if this were a survival game show, the cameraman would be able to smell the trouble brewing and be loading up with extra batteries.

Why? Not sure what it is, but we've been here a while an I think people are wearing on each other. On the plus side, I don't seem to have created any such animosity...but I'm mediating it on a few accounts. Should I be more involved and less objective? I don't know. It's kind of like watching a movie, yelling at the screen for the hero not to go down the long, dark alley because you know that no good can come from it.

Went to yoga, hardly sweat at all. My mind is still too active when I'm doing it, so I'll need to focus and forget.

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