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A drinking tour of Munich

Munich, Germany
I woke up a few times during the morning, which is how I found out that the guys that I had planned to meet would have never shown up. One of them was ill and they bailed. It was about 10am when I finally rolled out of bed. The Glockenspiel in the Neues Rathaus goes off at 11, which shouldn’t be a problem to see it today. I dame it there with time to spare. The premise of the show is a joust between the Austrian and Bavarian knights, the latter always winning. I walked over to Mike’s Bike tours to try and pay w/ credit card, but they’ve not set it up this season. They also gave me info on how to get to Neuschwanstein Castle and what to do when I get there.

I met up with the tour guide, Jason, at 12:30. He’s a funny character. He gave a decently informative tour, but it was more for fun. Some of the lines which were memorable:

  • The Bavaria (symbol of the region) is like an ex-girlfriend that you keep bumping into around town
  • All the Monks did their little monkey things in their little monkey ways
  • 3 Bell Games: Ring for lions, ring for attractive girls, ring for mullets
  • You didn’t choose the bikes, the bikes chose you. Functional people got functional bells. Dysfunctional people got dysfunctional bells, and are probably used to this sort of thing happening to them all the time
  • This is the largest church north of Rome, but at the end of the day, it’s still just another church
  • Lastly, Drunken show-offs who crash get no play
A long line of tourists on bikes, we toured the city and English Garden, where we broke for a liter of beer. Further touring down the Isar river, then we finished the tour and met up with some people from the tour at the Haufbrau Haus. Two more liters of lightbier and one of dark bier. Made plans with Suzy and Amanda, third year American students abroad at Oxford whom I met on the tour, to visit Neuschwanstein tomorrow at 08:51. They left after one liter. When I got up to, um, “purge my stomach of alcohol”, the other people I was with left too. It’s just as well, because this marks the third time I’ve had too much to drink. Once every two years seems to be the average. I stumbled back to the hotel, stopping at not one, but two McDonald’s for a single cheeseburger at each. Crashed into bed around 10pm.

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