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SEA April 18: At anchor, Little Cayman

Trying to find Cayman Brae was hard. We're not using the GPS so reliable fixes are often hard to calculate. We finally sent someone to the top of the mainmast to see if they could find land on the horizon. The shouts through the ship -- the relief at finding land -- the elation and accomplishment that we had done it celestially -- the feeling is inexplicable.

The sunset that night (April 16) was incredible. I finally got to see that green Flash (glow) everyone talks about. Just as the sun kissed the horizon Dave had me mark time and we worked out a celestial LOP based on 0 degree sight. I thought that was awesome ...

Yesterday was also eventful, but not in such a good way. At about 0900 we had general quarters to bring Westward alongside to clear customs ... It was apparent right away that the whole situation was sketchy ... A customs man boarded and sprayed below decks for some Venezuelan bug and to top it all off Westward hit bottom twice. The situation was really tense for about 15-20 min while immigration finished up. Rick had to keep his hands on the throttle while Kevin gave commands and everyone tended buoys ...

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