Thursday, March 01, 2012

Passing the Foreign Service QEP

Today was a good day. I received word that I passed the Qualifications Evaluation Panel for the Foreign Service Specialist Facility Manager position. Which means I get to go to an oral assessment, but one that's different from the Foreign Service Officer process I went through in November. And even though I haven't heard official news one way or another regarding the Air Force promotion board, it's nice to know that I have something (no matter how tentative) in reserve.

So, to recap the career option plans:
A: Air Force (pending favorable promotion results)
B: Dept of State-Foreign Service Officer (Didn't pass the Oral Assessment)
C: USAID-76 Mid-level (Scored too low...but I'll apply for the next opening)
C1: USAID-76 Junior Officer (Opening Cancelled...but I'll apply for the next opening)
D: Foreign Service Specialist-Facility Manager (pending Oral Assessment)
E: Foreign Service Specialist-Construction Engineer (pending QEP results)
F: Dept of State-Civil Service-General Engineer (Scored too low)
G: Dept of State-Civil Service-Emerg Manager (Still active)
H: Program Analyst-USAID [GS-14] (Not Referred)
H1: Program Analyst-USAID [GS-12/13] (Not Selected)
H2: Program Analyst-USAID [GS-13/14] (Still active)
I: Peace Corps-Director of Programs & Training Overseas (Application only after negative promotion results)
J: Peace Corps-Director of Management and Operations Overseas (Application only after negative promotion results)
K: USAID-Program Specialist [GS-14] (Lacked Grade Experience)
L: USAID-Administrative Management Officer [GS-13] (Not Referred)
M: USAID/OFDA Humanitarian Assistance Advisor/Military (Application due by 19 March)

So, as it stands right now, I'm batting .500 if you include the three jobs I haven't submitted my application to. I'm also aware that many of those denials are due to the way the government hiring system is set up. Most of them were internal agency fills, and it's likely that they knew who they wanted when they wrote the job opening...the only reason I was even able to apply was because I can claim veteran's benefits.

So, I've largely figured out what I want to do for my career, now I just have to convince someone that I can do it better than the other applicants.


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