Friday, April 26, 1996

SEA April 26: North of Cuba, sailing for the Dry Tortugas

Morning and mid-watch. Beautiful day and beautiful night. Saw Cuba today. In fact for a while I was steering right for some mountains on the coast. I was not very comfortable with that and was thankful when Dave decided to tack. The moon and stars were incredible tonight -- as usual. Andrew went over some important stars and constellations...

Everyone keeps saying how hard it will be to leave and, yes, it will be hard to leave here. This is a dream I've had forever -- at least somewhere in my mind. And now it has been realized ... Fitting the dream into reality is what will be difficult...

I will miss this ship. I will miss looking 360 degrees around the horizon and seeing nothing but sky kissing water. I will miss the sound of the wind passing around the mainsail. I will miss the sound of the winches. I will miss setting the Genoa. I will miss swimming in the Gulf Stream. I will miss the stars. I will miss the sextants. I will miss Dave's quirky smile...

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